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Your guide to etiquette and manners in Canada

24 January 2022 / International Talents and Experiences Canada

It is a well-known fact that etiquette and good manners are synonymous with Canadian Culture. Should you wish to do an internship in Canada we recommend you do your own research as well but below are a few pointers for first-time visitors to Canada!

1. In general Canadians are brough up to be friendly, respectful and polite to strangers and family alike. Bragging or self-praise is considered rude, in Canada people rather exudes humility and fairness towards others.

2. Time is taken quite literally in Canada - 3pm means 3pm and 15 minutes prior to or after is considered acceptable. If you miss an appointment and are more than 15 minutes late an apology is expected.

3. Tipping in Canada – is modelled on the same models as the USA. 15% Tip is customary for servers in restaurants and over tipping is common if you received exceptionally good service.

Working or staying in a country for an extended time (doing an internship) is quite different from a quick two week visit to a country. Staying for any extended period of time in a different country takes you out of your comfort zone, forces you to study and adhere to the countries cultures and rules and will in general broaden your own horizons and experiences. See your internship not only as work experience but also life experience that very few other people have the option to experience in such detail!

Does Canada look like your dream destination?

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