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3 October 2023
4 October 2023

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ITEC - International Talents and Experiences Canada has been founded by multiple industry executives and HR experts who have been in the industry operating their businesses for over 35 years. The company's goal is to offer to consult in accessing high-quality talents resources to the employers in Canada. The company also aims to assist the young talents around the globe in finding the most suitable job placement and most unique cultural experience in Canada. ITEC is specialized in offering high-quality professional experience in Canada under a variety of visa types with the main focus of offering a cultural experience. The placements are offered all over Canada with a primary focus in Quebec province, including Quebec City and Montreal. The programs vary from Travel & Work Canada, Young Professionals, Study – Coop Programs to specific work visas supported by Experience Canada. The placements are offered for young professionals up to age 35 who are specialized in tourism and hotel management, business administration, finance, sales & marketing, engineering, transportation, manufacturing, and IT.

Below you will find the scope of our services offered to partner companies. If you are interested in working with ITEC-International Talents & Experiences Canada and would like to get detailed information about our services and set up a meeting with our team, please contact us at admin@itecanada.com.


HR-Talent Consulting



Customized Training & Development Programs

  • Designing short term or long-term training programs per needs within the company

Executive Coaching

  • Counseling, guiding, or instructing on different visa programs and talent resources nationally/internationally

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Providing consulting in creating Diversity & Inclusion planning & training

Branding & Candidate Experience

  • Assistance in developing a program that will match the branding of the Company
  • Assistance in developing a program that will maximize the candidate’s/ recruited talents experience within the company

International Talent Sourcing

  • Assistance in connecting and recruiting international talents

Managing & Developing Talent

  • Assistance organizing training & development programs for talents recruited through special visa programs

Recruitment & Retention

  • Assistance in Recruitment and Retention Planning and Programs